Promoting science, skepticism, and freethought
in the arts, media, and everyday life.


Our Beginning

VFN was started by Imri Jonas Merritt in 2012, with the help of Salvatore Patrone, Wally Colgan, Mike McGowan, Jeanette Moore, Kevin Kong, and the support of many more in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. We began by producing comedy events, as well as creating a Website, Facebook page, and organizing the Philly Skeptics In The Pub meetups. Our previous site was lost in a freak server accident, so we are currently working on getting this site filled with content.


“I encourage active skepticism - when people are being skeptical because they're trying to identify the best course of action. They're trying to identify the next step for themselves or other people..”

— Tim Ferriss



Get Real is a series of comedy shows produced by Visible Friends, featuring stand-up, sketch and variety, focusing on freethought and skepticism. We aim to poke fun at ridiculous beliefs, superstitions, nonsense, lies, scams and quackery, the supernatural, alternative medicine, crazy conspiracy theorists, magical thinking, ignorance, general stupidity, and of course, the comedy gift that keeps on giving, religious dogma.

We produced nine Get Real shows, as well as a few other events featuring comedy. Lots of photos from those events will be posted soon, so check back. We are also working on an event for September. Contact us if you would like to be a part of that.



Since 2013 we have been organizing Philadelphia's Skeptics In The Pub meetups. Usually twice a month, at a great pub in the city. Check the Facebook page or the Meetup page for more info and scheduled events..


Our Mission

Promoting science, skepticism, and freethought in the arts media, and everyday life. Our aim is to help people seek out knowledge and decide what is true. The information age has also given us a lot of misinformation, and it's more important than ever to understand science, acknowledge our biases, and face reality.


Get Involved

We are currently looking for people to help with this project. If you are a Web developer, writer, graphic artist, photographer, or anything else and would like to help, please be in touch!